About Us

Keep your beauty with our fragrance.   
BEAUTELIER’s primary purpose as natural cosmetic suppliers is embedded in its name “BEAUTE (Beauty) and LIER (Bind)”. As the name implies, BEAUTELIER is dedicated to redefining the beauty industry standards by providing products that are not only good for us, but for the planet as well. Our natural products contain the very best ingredients and nutrients. BEAUTELIER offers a variety of nutrient rich products within our natural perfume oils, hand soaps and lotions, vitamin C serums, hand-made soaps, candles, and more. Our goal is to become everyone’s one-stop-shop for all natural products.    
We first launched our business in Chelsea Market and received lots of positive feedbacks on our products. It was the beginning of a growing relationship between BEAUTELIER and customers that gradually showed interest in our business. We admire and uphold our customers' commentary as we see them as our family.