Sweet Day Perfume Oil

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Characteristic(s): Yellow liquid Phthalate Free

The opening is as crisp and sensuous sweetness and then the lovely white flowers begin to open up and luminous white magnolia-- sweet and creamy and exquisite-- blooms against glossy green leaves. A divinely sweet and sun-drenched blend of Lemon flower notes, enhanced by a bouquet of rose and jasmine, highlighted by warm Amber crystal that suggests a hint of a classical chypre. This charming perfume oil is a truly remarkable and unique floral of untold complexity and it will make your day just Sweet day! 


Top Notes          Lemon Flower, Amber Crystal
Middle Notes    Oudwood, Santal, Midnight Jasmine
Bottom Notes   Magnolia, Rose Noir, Veiled Musk

Ingredients List: Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance.

Cautions: External Use Only. Do not apply near-eye areas. Keep out of Children.